Kate Bowens’ paintings are lit by her curiosity and love of colour, light and from gigantic landscapes she observes and finds micro jewel detail.
After nearly a decade of living in India and Myanmar she has returned to the UK and lives in Suffolk where she is relishing the stunning Constable/Gainsborough landscape, making new work and exploring printmaking.

She spent four years in Myanmar where she worked on various projects and exhibited in group and solo exhibitions.

Worldview International Foundation asked her to create and curate an exhibition to highlight their Reforestation of the Mangroves.  After 14 months of field trips, she made a large multi sensory installation art piece.  She invited a Burmese artist Htein Lin to make a sculpture to reflect the story of deforestation.

In 2017 Kate moved to New Delhi.

Kate studied  miniature painting with masters in Delhi and Jaipur.

During Lockdown she focused on the meditative miniature process, mapping the streets of Delhi. She incorporated her memories of her time in India and the subjects that had touched her soul.  ‘Dreaming of Sunder Times.’

She has worked with traditional stone pigments from Rajasthan. Time spent in Jodhpur is another source for works – Rewilding of the Rajasthan Desert with Pradip Krishen. She exhibited at Mehrangagh Fort and Delhi and mentored workshops on Botanical art in the Desert Park.

Observational Drawing is a vital part of her work.

Paintings are in collections in USA, Europe, South and South East Asia.